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  • Water Plants With Hot Tub Water?

  • 10 Plants You Can Water With Your Hot Tub Water 

    Recycle and Reuse

    Water is precious, especially during the summer months when many states are concerned with or in a drought.  Yet, draining your spa water every 3-4 months is necessary to keep your spa maintained and in correct sanitation levels.

    You can recycle your spa water and add it in your maintenance routine, potentially saving yourself hundreds of dollars per year from usage and possible fines for excessive water usage.

    Your hot tub water is in considered to be “gray” water.  This is water that has been used and is no longer in natural condition.  You can reuse this water on your nearby plants, yard or in some cases your garden! First though you’ll want to make sure it’s in safe condition.

    Wait, Spa Water Isn’t Dangerous For Plants?

    Not necessarily.  With proper precautions, spa water can be used on a variety of plants (See our list of 10  compatible plants below).

    1. Rosemary – Herb
      • Rosemary is fragrant and a great addition to your next meal.
    2. Aloe – Plant
      • Aloe plants require very low maintenance.
    3. Deer Grass – Plant
      • Deer grass is drought friendly, requiring very little water.
    4. Oleander – Flower
      • Oleander is a perfect candidate for your spa water.
    5. Ice Blue Star Plant – Flower
      • Ice plants are easy to grow and drought tolerant.
    6. Marigold – Flower
      • Marigolds are a beautiful addition to your landscaping and provide protection from pests.
    7. Texas Ranger – Shrub
      • Texas Ranger shrubs produce beautiful flowers and can be maintained with little water.
    8. Evergreen Euonymus – Shrub
      • Euonymus plants are disease resistant and require low maintenance.
    9. Juniper – Shrub
      • Juniper trees are adaptable and have low maintenance.
    10. Olive – Tree
      • Olive trees are drought tolerant and do not require heavily filtered water.