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  • How Do You Winterize And Close Hot Tubs or Spa

    1. Most damage for hot tubs and spas are careless winterization. Freezing of hot tub and spa lines can be very costly to repair. If you have questions please call Wild Rose Hot Tubs your local professionals and we can assist you.

    Get Your Hot Tub/Spa Ready For Springtime

    Spring is the great time to enjoy your hot tub/spa. The weather is warm and its a perfect time to enjoy company. Plus, by soaking in your tub on a regular basis, you can relax sore muscles, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. At Wild Rose

    Everyone needs exercise, but high-impact training is not for everyone. In fact, activities like running, jumping rope, and step aerobics can be taxing on joints, ligaments, and tendons—particularly for beginners, older adults, and those with

    Often when we daydream about taking a relaxing soak in a hot tub, we are thinking about the relaxing hydrotherapy benefits and not about how the jets in the hot tub work. But, in case you are curious, here is a rundown of how spa jets work as

    10 Plants You Can Water With Your Hot Tub Water  Recycle and Reuse Water is precious, especially during the summer months when many states are concerned with or in a drought.  Yet, draining your spa water every 3-4 months is necessary to

    Do you have black or white specks or pink colored film in your water? Have you ever opened your spa cover and noticed a weird smell and saw foreign objects floating around in the water? The culprit could be mold. We’ll help you figure out

    Do you ever open your spa cover and find the tub full of foamy water? This is a common hot tub problem and leaves many people wondering, what causes hot tub foam? Below, I’ll explain the causes of hot tub foam and how to easily fix this