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  • Mold Or Moldew In Your Hot Tub

  • Do you have black or white specks or pink colored film in your water?

    Have you ever opened your spa cover and noticed a weird smell and saw foreign objects floating around in the water? The culprit could be mold. We’ll help you figure out the best way to tell if it is and what type of mold it is plus how to get rid of it.

    Colors of Hot Tub Mold

    • Black
    • White
    • Pink

    Hot tubs are the perfect environment for mold to flourish, especially under the spa cover where they’re hot, humid and full of moisture. We have had many customers over the past 20 years contact us asking about the mold they found in their hot tub water or under the spa cover.

    A typical hot tub can have over 100 feet of plumbing which feed into the many jets found in portable spas. With all of those nooks and crannies, microorganisms can hide and thrive. Routine water quality and cleaning maintenance can help prevent any mold growth.


    Removing White Water Mold & Pink Slime

    To remove White Water Mold and pink slime, start with the objects that go into your spa: skimmer net, floating spa blanket, chemical floater, floating thermostats, inflatable toys, brushes, water vacuums, etc. These items will need a deep clean with chlorine. If possible, replace your floating blanket.

    The process to remove White Water Mold is labor intensive, yet very important follow each step to prevent the chance of the biofilm surviving all the following efforts of removal.

    1. Check pH balance and lower to 7.2.
    2. Remove and discard spa filter.
    3. Shock the spa with Dichlor granules; at least 8 teaspoons per 250 gallons. Let this high dose circulate for 1 hour.
    4. Next, add Oxy-Spa at 4 tablespoons per 250 gallons and allow to circulate for 1 hour.
    5. Prior to draining this chemically induced water, add Spa System Flush to super-clean the plumbing and every hidden crevice. Run pump and jets for a minimum of 2 hours, up to overnight.
    6. Step back and look at all the biofilm and other crud that has been loosened up by the Spa System Flush. Before you drain that dirty spa water, snap a picture! Once it’s all clean again, take another and we will feature your hot tub’s “before & after” shots on our Facebook page!
    7. Once empty, clean the spa shell, footwell, jet faces and any other exposed piece within the spa with CleanAll, a bucket of water and a damp cloth.
    8. Refill the hot tub.
    9. Before balancing water, add another high dose of dichlor, at least 8 teaspoons per 250 gallons. Allow this to circulate for a minimum of 2 hours without the cover on (Don’t forget the after picture!).
    10. Add your regular sanitizer.