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  • Maintenance Packages

  • Hot Tub Service & Maintenance

    At Wild Rose Hot Tubs we recommend regular maintenance to be performed bi-annually to keep your hot tub in perfect working condition. It works best when we come to service in the early spring and again in the fall, right before a long winter. 

    Other maintenance packages are included below.

    Call us today to have your hot tub scheduled for regular maintenance.

    Services offered:

    • Complete system flush – A wash out of the pumps and pipework using a line cleaner to remove any build up of dirt and debris that may have accumulated;
    • Clean and degrease filter elements – Using a supplied cleaning solution, note older filters may need replacing;
    • Empty, deep clean, wet vacuum and rinsing of hot tub shell;
    • Jets and pillows inspected and cleaned;
    • Full inspection of components – All components such as pump, blowers, etc are checked. Pumps checked for noise and leaks;
    • Check ozonator – clean and descale if necessary;
    • Full plumbing inspection for leaks – All pipe work and glued joints are checked;
    • Check heater and circulation pumps;
    • Tighten all unions and inspect, replace and seals if necessary;
    • Spa started and all pumps primed of air;
    • Initial water balance using customers chemicals;
    • Clean and inspect cover and treat with Vinyl Protector;
    • Service report with any comments and advise.
    NOTE: Please be advised that prices may be subject to an additional travel charge if you are outside of the city of Lethbridge, AB. Please call ahead. 
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  • Spring Start-Up


    • Services Include:
      • Pump drain
      • Flush all plumbing lines and diverters
      • Refill spa
      • Add start-up chemicals
      • Balance water
  • Drain and Fill


    Services Include:

    • Drain spa
    • Clean and wipe out shell
    • Treat headrests 
      and cover
    • Complete inspection 
      of parts
    • Rinse filters
    • Refill spa
    • Add start-up chemicals
    • Balance water
  • Winterization


    Services Include:

    • Drain spa
    • Vacuum all plumbing 
      lines and diverters
    • Drain pumps in 
      equipment area
    • Add Spa Guard 
      antifreeze to lines, diverters and 
      filter canisters
  • Water Maintenance


    All-inclusive Package Includes:

    • 6 Month Term
    • 12 visits (2 visits a month)
    • Inspect all spa functions
    • Drain and fill (1 time 
      during the 6 months)
    • Clean filters
    • Check and balance water
    • Add all necessary