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  • Hot Tub Chemicals

  • At Wild Rose Hot Tubs we offer spa chemicals to give you the satisfaction of having a well-maintained backyard oasis:

    • Balancers
    • Clarifiers
    • Sanitizers
    • Fragrances & moisturizers
  • Hot Tub Filters

    Hot tub filters keep the water clean by trapping debris. Hot tub filters are an important part of our hot tub supplies, worn-out or clogged filters will affect your water quality.

    Your hot tub filters should be cleaned regularly and new hot tub filters installed annually (or as needed).

    At Wild Rose Hot Tubs we offer top grade hot tub filters for all sizes of spas and hot tubs. We recommend that you keep two hot tub filters available at any time. Using hot tub filters in a rotation will ensure their longevity and keep the spa ready for use at all times.

    To increase the performance and durability of hot tub filters, you can also control water contamination by using spa supplies and spa chemicals that we also stock. These bromine-free and chlorine-free spa supplies and spa chemicals will give you sparkling clear spa water and help you avoid:

    • Strong odors
    • Burning eyes
    • Bleached hair
    • Dry and itchy skin
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  • Hot Tub Chemicals

    Hot tub supplies, hot tub chemicals and hot tub filters are critical for a healthy soak in the spa. Spa chemicals like clarifiers keep the water clean and fresh, as well as preventing spa wall staining.

    Sanitizers will disinfect the spa and spa water and balancers prevent corrosion to extend your spa’s life.

    Our range of spa supplies also includes test strips to check the pH, calcium hardness, bromine, chlorine, and sanitizer levels in the spa water.

    Get your spa supplies, spa chemicals and hot tub filters from us to keep your spa water hygienic and inviting, free from:

    • Bacteria
    • Organic contaminants
    • Waterline deposits
  • Spa Water Care

    To keep your water clean and clear, follow these water care guidelines:
    Once a week, check water chemistry with a test strip once. Add chlorinating granules, pH up, pH down and other chemicals as required.

    Step 1 – Check Alkalinity. It should be between 120 and 180 ppm. Adjust as required with pH/Alkalinity Up (Na2CO3, Washing Soda) or pH/Alkalinity Down (NaHSO4)

    Step 2 – Check pH. It should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Adjust as required with pH/Alkalinity Up or baking soda (This does not change the Alkalinity) or with pH/ Alkalinity Down.

    Step 3 – Check Chlorine Level. It should be 1-3 ppm. Adjust with DiChlor.